About US

About Madre Terra Science

Madre Terra Science, Inc, a subsidiary of a professional clinical nutrition company, has more than four decades of industry experience. We have always been on the forefront of innovative, science-based nutrition resulting in positive clinical outcomes. You can be assured that the product you are using has been carefully sourced and manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Our Hemp
We at Madre Terra Science, Inc. source only the best science-based ingredient available. Our Colorado-based raw ingredient provider takes a two-pronged approach to hemp-derived ingredients with a dual focus on scientific innovation and compliance. This foundation allows us to offer the safest, highest quality, and most advanced ingredients in the hemp industry.
Sourcing: All farm partners are licensed and registered with their state program. All products are derived from compliant industrial hemp grown in the USA. Every farm undergoes a thorough audit as part of our suppliers GMP’s, and every batch of ingredient is traceable back to the farm.
Hemp Extraction: A safe solvent extraction method is used with only USP class 3 solvents equivalent to ethanol. This gives the ability to isolate specific cannabinoids and THC remediation through a patent-pending process.
Quality Control: All final products come with a full panel analysis from an accredited 3rd party lab. Every batch undergoes a thorough review by a QA manager.
Compliance: With decades of experience, our hemp provider ensures the safety, compliance and repeatability of our products. From seed to final product, they maintain strict control over all aspects of the process through their validated digital GMP system and standard operating procedures.
Our Liposomal Delivery

The future is here at Madre Terra Science, LLC. While basic methods of liposomal delivery have been around for many years, true nano-enhanced liposomal delivery provides the best results. Studies have shown that small (nano) sized particles increase bioavailability, increase cellular delivery, and increase oral uptake and lymphatic absorption by 5-10 times over larger sized liposomes. Additionally, lymphatic delivery via liposomes bypasses the first-pass metabolism in the liver, which also increases oral bioavailability. Smaller liposomal spheres and emulsions are the result of refined chemistry and high-shear equipment, which of course, comes at a cost in terms of production. We take tremendous pride in offering this cutting edge science and technology to our valued customers at an affordable price.

Many companies produce liposomes that are unstable, and are too large in size for the body to optimally absorb and utilize them. For liposomal supplement delivery, size really does matter.

Clinical Benefits
  • High bioavailability and absorption
  • Protecting nutrients against the harsh environment of the GI tract
  • Increased uptake into cells
  • Liposomes can be formulated to hold both water and fat soluble nutrients
  • Enhanced compliance for those who have trouble swallowing capsules or large tablets